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Evarts is a 5th class city located within Harlan County, Kentucky. Our post office was opened on February 9, 1855 and  Evarts High School was opened in 1937 but was forced to close at the end of the 2007 school year due to consolidation.


We are located approximately 8 miles from Harlan, Kentucky and 21 miles from Virginia. The city currently operates under a mayor-council form of government and our current mayor is Eddie Manning.


City officials realize the importance of adventure tourism and have enacted a city ordinance allowing ATV's to travel certain roads within the city.

Mayor: Eddie Manning

City Clerk: Kristi Lamb

City Council: Preston McLain, Jaysin Stallard, Larry Caudill, Jackie Renfro, Ernie Woodard, Renee Doan

Maintenance Supervisor: Cledo Powers


Police Chief: Denny Jones

Officers To Asst: Chief Bryan Napier

Fire Chief: Cledo Powers

Assistant Fire Chief: Anthony Williams

Water Clerk: Tanya Caudill

Water Plant Operators: Woody Fields, Anthony Williams, Chris McLain

Sewer Plant Operator: Jerome Price

Maintenance Department: Will Botts, Andrew Williams, Jon Nolan, Damien Harris

City Government

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